03 May 2014



How are you doing? 

Recently, I've been busy as usual. And when I'm not busy, I'm not doing anything special. So therefor, I find it a bit hard to post anything here. I've only got boring things to say anyway. Lol.

I'll try to review/recommend products a bit more often. So please wait a bit :) Have a lot of products in home anyway. 
My sweetie submitted the COE a couple of days ago. So now we're just waiting for it to be processed. After that I can finally apply for the visa. Apparently there weren't a lot of people at the immigration office. Luckily. Which should mean that the COE won't take long time to process. Hopefully it will be done before the high season of applying for visa here in Sweden. I think it starts from mid/end of june, or july. Which often results in visa process taking longer time.

Anyway, we are hoping for me to move to Japan, in the end of june.  I'd love to see some friends before that. But right now, I don't have any money at all. Ughh.. Which results in me not having a life. Haha. It's sad but true. Train tickets cost much. And of course meeting friends also means spending money. Money that I do not posses. Boo..

Birthday coming up on 22nd. Turning 22. Funny. 
I was planning to throw some kind of farewell/birthday party. But cancelled it. The reason is simply because I don't have money. But also because I don't want to take care of everyone else, or not being able to relax at my own birthday party.

Usually, I'll try my best to make an effort for other ppls birthdays'. Buy/make birthday gifts, cakes, cards. But most of the time I won't get anything back. Have to make the cake myself, or get no cake. Get no gifts, or even a simple card. So I give up. Why bother?
Well.. I do feel like I'm getting older. Don't know if it is a good, or bad thing. But as they say, you get wiser as you age :) I hope so. 

19 years old

21 years old 

The next step... 22 years old... (*^-^*) ...