28 June 2013

Face-mask And Lip-mask

As I already told in a previous post, I got some delayed birthday gifts from my friends here in Japan. Two of my friends (who are a couple) gave me different face masks, some body lotions and many many other things. And today I decided to try out one of the face masks, and lip mask that I got. 

Usually my skin becomes even better during summer. But here in Japan it seems like it's the opposite.. The hot and humid air gives my forehead a lot of sweat (I know it sounds disgusting, sorry). And therefor I've gotten some acne.. But I am trying to defeat it right now.. lol. And I noticed how important it is to bring a small towel wherever you go. Without it you just feel sticky and gross D: 

I've also felt that my skin has been extra dull recently.. I think the reason is that I am sitting by the computer, many hours a day for my studies. But it's nothing a face mask can't fix :)

This face mask contains snail essence. 
Snail essence has a healing effect on damaged skin
 (for example acne..) 
It's easy to apply since it is a face mask sheet.
Now my skin doesn't feel as dull as before *lucky* 
Instead it has gotten a nice glow, with a fresh feeling.

Alright, so this one is a bit interesting, and strange... Lip mask!! 
It says that you also can use it for your nipples... 
Anyway, for me, I don't have any interest to do so.
I had it on my lips for about 20-25 minutes 
(package says 5-30 minutes).
I can't say that it made any wonders. 
My lips kinda feels, and looks the same as before. 
So there isn't really any noticeable difference. 
Maybe slightly softer? 
I'm not sure I'd buy it again. 

But it did actually feel a bit relaxing,
putting the sheet on my lips haha.

Masks in Japan are very cheap. So if you are in, or have a chance to go to Japan, you should try it out. I think these masks are around 100-200¥ something (at least I've seen the face mask @ "donki" for 100¥). 

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Until next time, xoxo Amanda 

27 June 2013

Japanese Fashion Magazines

Some dasy ago I purchased my favourites Japanese magazines. The august issue of Happie Nuts & Jelly, and the july issue of Blenda. In Sweden Japanese fashion/beauty magazines are really expensive. Around 2500-3000¥ each. Whilst here in Japan I paid less than 2000¥ for these three magazines. Of course it is possible to order the magazines online, or I could even ask my boyfriend. But it would take too long before I'd receive it.. (yes a bit impatient lol) .

The Happie Nuts issue came with a handy mirror from SLY
 (some of you might have heard of it before, I hope) .
 It was good timing...
 ...since I've been thinking of getting myself a new pocket mirror.

From Happie Nuts.

From Jelly.

From Blenda. 

Do you have any favourite magazine from Japan? Which, and why? ^^
When I was younger I liked Egg, Vivi, and Kera, a lot. But now-days I have more interest to these three :)

I love that Japanese fashion magazines always contains how-to-guides (hair, makeup) , and that they are very thick . Wish we'd have more like these magazines in Sweden (-_-;)

18 June 2013

Weekend In Japan

So this saturday I went to Chiba for a day with my boyfriend's mother. It was very enjoyable. We went there by bus. We tried different sake, went to a カスチラ (castella) factory, looked at flowers, stopped by the sea, and bough some food from different local shops. Actually I didn't take a lot of photos since we were short on time. But at least I got some pics :)

The castella factory ^^ 
We bought 紅茶 (black tea) 抹茶 (green tea),
 and strawberry castella

Just some pics.

 I saw a real octopus for the first time in my life. 
It was really fun and surprising. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photo of it since it was so fast.

We ate ramen for dinner with my boyfriend after coming back from our trip. 

Sunday, me and le boyfriend went to Kita-senju and just walked around in different shops. Nothing special really, but it was really nice spending time with him. I found some cute accessories and my boyfriend bought them for me ♡ . On our way to home we stopped by Mr Donuts to buy some calpis donuts, and get a calpis glass!! (I love calpis so much lol.) Five donuts + calpis glass for 700¥... totally worth it! 

The pictures turned out quite bad. 
Anyway, this is the accessories. 
I really like the half moon necklace, it's so cute.
I like how the earrings are discrete 
 And I'm happy I found an anklet. 
I've been looking for it for a long time in Sweden. 
But it doesn't seem popular in there anymore. 


Calpis donuts. My favourite was pon de ring. 
The blue ones have got soda flavour.
 But I thought the flavour was a bit too strong for me.
The pink one is strawberry flavoured,
 with original calpis flavoured cream inside.
And finally, the glass!! 
It is so cute, and surely it will be used frequently lol. 

This is not from this weekend, but from today actually
. I LOVE this yoghurt so much ♡ 
"custard vanilla yoghurt" , and I've been missing it a lot. 
Even though we have many different type of yoghurts in Sweden, 
we don't have anything as awesome as this custard yoghurt.

14 June 2013

”からあげ” And Watermelon Salad.

Yesterday I felt like eating salad. But after I had shredded the iceberg lettuce I realised that there were no other ingredients in home, except for some tomatos and olives. After a short visit to the nearby Tobu store I came home with some sugar peas, watermelon, cucumber, karaage, and a small bag of mixed lettuces. Well in home, I also made some croutons. I don't know about you guys, but I love eating fresh salads in the summer. If you ever have a chance to, you should try to make this salad. It was delicious. Just add some dressing and you'll be ready to go.

A cup of watermelons for 198¥

Almost ready to eat!!
 (Added some croutons, olives, and dressing when serving.)

12 June 2013

Japan ✩✩

Sooo.. I haven't uploaded any new post in a long time. I was so stressed the days before going to Japan, and these days in Japan I've just wanted to relax + had many school things to take care of.

I'm really enjoying it here. Finally I can be together with my boyfriend after months apart. Although he is so busy and we only get to spend time during night and weekends.. but I guess it's alright, shouldn't complain really.

This weekend me and Ryo met some friends for celebrating our friend Anna's birthday. And also we went to Lake Town with bicycle. It was the first time in five years that I rode bicycle!! Had forgotten how much fun it is. And riding bicycle in Japan really is something! 

I don't have anything else to tell right now really, but here are a bunch of pictures ^^

At heathrow.. waiting waiting waiting!! lol
But seriously 4 hours of waiting.. omg. 
I did however meet very nice people at the flight!

カスチラ with gold. Yummm

Me and my boyfriends mother shared ice cream from Baskin Robbins.
 It was really cheap.. four scoops of ice cream for the price of 290 yen!! 
Not to mention delicious ;)

I really love snacks with strawberry flavour (which both my boyfriend
 and his mother are quite aware of obviously.. lol) But I have got to
 admit that I do prefer the original Takenoko No Sato! 
This one is also good.. but not so impressive. 

♡ B-day cake 

I made a birthday cake (peach mousse and chamomile mousse cake)
 for my friend Anna since we celebrated her birthday!! Grattis ^^ 
I think it turned out alright. We went to an izakaya for food and drinks. 
And afterwards we spent some time @ karaoke. It was fun.
 And It was so nice meeting everyone again. 

My friends also surprised me during Anna's birthday party 
with some delayed birthday gifts!!! 
How nice they are  did not see that coming!!