20 November 2014

Beauty Recommendation: My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

I'm seriously loving this mask. It's one of the best I've tried so far. 
My Beauty Diary has got a couple of different masks, depending on what result you're after.
 I finally decided to try the Black Pearl one which is whitening and nourishing. 
It's great! I kinda gives a nice glow to you're skin. 
But also I feel like it clears up your skin as well. 
I warmly recommend this if you're looking for a good (if not great) face mask :) 

17 September 2014

Japanese Beauty Magazine: Maquia

There are so many different kinds of magazines in Japan. I believe there's something to satisfy everyone's need, or taste. Which is great. 

My latest magazine purchase is the september issue of the beauty magazine Maquila. It contains everything from tutorials, latest make up trends, latest products, recipes, and so on. At a cost of 650¥ you'll get over 300 pages to read, or look at. Pretty generous in my opinion. 

The September issue came with kind of straps that you use to stretch/work out with. And also with instructions on how to perform these exercises. 

But that's not all. If you fill out a survey that comes with the issue, you have a chance of winning a foundation + foundation brush from the brand bare minerals. Or you could chose another foundation from the book-in-book you receive with the September issue. Awesome, right? 

I really love magazines in Japan ^^

12 September 2014

Life in Japan


It's been a while, right!? Quite frankly, I haven't felt like posting anything here.. at all. But recently I've been thinking a lot about taking up blogging again. Or at least whenever I feel like.

So.. it's been almost 3 months since I moved to Japan. It's been going quite well so far. Although it's been a huge adjustment of my life.

At some periods it has made me feel really stressed. Moving abroad is scary. It's not that I'm not enjoying life in Japan. More like stepping out of my comfort zone. I guess this is pretty normal for people who move abroad.

I don't really have any safety net here. No friends. No family. No income. All I actually have is my husband. I feel greatly supported by him. And he always tries to understand how I feel (sometimes it's rather easy for him to understand, since he was an exchange student in Sweden for a year.) But from time, to time, I guess he has a harder time to understand what I'm going through.

Anyways, most of the time I enjoy living here. Everything is so different. Kind of exciting. Shizuoka isn't bad at all. It's so calm here. I like calm. Although I do think that Tokyo is a fantastic city. But it is way too lively, way too stressful. So for me, visiting Tokyo every now and then is totally fine. It does get a tad bit boring here from time to time. But that's alright :)

Hope all of you've had a wonderful summer.


03 May 2014



How are you doing? 

Recently, I've been busy as usual. And when I'm not busy, I'm not doing anything special. So therefor, I find it a bit hard to post anything here. I've only got boring things to say anyway. Lol.

I'll try to review/recommend products a bit more often. So please wait a bit :) Have a lot of products in home anyway. 
My sweetie submitted the COE a couple of days ago. So now we're just waiting for it to be processed. After that I can finally apply for the visa. Apparently there weren't a lot of people at the immigration office. Luckily. Which should mean that the COE won't take long time to process. Hopefully it will be done before the high season of applying for visa here in Sweden. I think it starts from mid/end of june, or july. Which often results in visa process taking longer time.

Anyway, we are hoping for me to move to Japan, in the end of june.  I'd love to see some friends before that. But right now, I don't have any money at all. Ughh.. Which results in me not having a life. Haha. It's sad but true. Train tickets cost much. And of course meeting friends also means spending money. Money that I do not posses. Boo..

Birthday coming up on 22nd. Turning 22. Funny. 
I was planning to throw some kind of farewell/birthday party. But cancelled it. The reason is simply because I don't have money. But also because I don't want to take care of everyone else, or not being able to relax at my own birthday party.

Usually, I'll try my best to make an effort for other ppls birthdays'. Buy/make birthday gifts, cakes, cards. But most of the time I won't get anything back. Have to make the cake myself, or get no cake. Get no gifts, or even a simple card. So I give up. Why bother?
Well.. I do feel like I'm getting older. Don't know if it is a good, or bad thing. But as they say, you get wiser as you age :) I hope so. 

19 years old

21 years old 

The next step... 22 years old... (*^-^*) ...

25 April 2014

Dislikes in Japan: Being Ignored

So just some day before I decided to start a new category here on my blog called "Dislikes in Japan". I think that there are plenty of bloggers out there who bring up all those positive things about Japan. But for me.. I want to cover it all. Not just the fun part. But also the reality. The reality of a foreigner, spending time in Japan.

So this is my first post about dislikes in Japan. And I'd like to bring up the frustration of being ignored (simply because you are a foreigner). I know that this is something that not all foreigners experience. So if you are a foreigner in Japan, who can't agree with me at all. I do get that.

Anyway. Something that has been bugging me for quite some time is how ignorant japanese people can be. A lot of the time when me, and honey have been visiting for example shops. And the salesperson start a conversation with "us", they won't even look at me. Seriously, not even glance. Ok. I do get it. I'm a foreigner. But the salesperson doesn't really know whether I'm fully capable of understanding what he or she is saying. Well, the truth is that I don't understand. Or well, sometime I can understand most parts of a sentence. And sometime I wouldn't understand a bit of what a person just have said. But should that really matter?

I find it really discriminating, and if not, even racist to be ignored like this. I am a human. Just like you. And I DO exist (I'd like to tell them). Would looking at me, if so even for a second, be that harmful for you? We foreigners aren't some kind of deadly disease.

Not only does it happen in shops. It happens in restaurants as well. The waiter/waitress will just automatically assume that I'm some kind of stupid foreigner. And yet again.. I'm being ignored. It doesn't happen all of the time. Of course. But I'd say that it's happening way too often.

I've never seen this kind of behaviour here in Sweden to any non-swedish-looking person. And hopefully I'll never have to see it. Maybe it sounds silly to some of you, to care about something like this. But when it happens, over, and over again, it ain't too fun. And it kinda makes you feel useless. Or at least that those kinda people think that you are useless. Hm..

Well, I've got to say that it's quite interesting to see, and experience things from a different point of view. To be a foreigner in Japan, has made me EVEN more sympathetic about how foreigners in Sweden feels. And I can now understand some of their frustration. Even though we might have different problems to deal with. Being a foreigner is hard. Fun, and interesting. But hard. 

All of the good things outweighs the bad points of Japan luckily. At least for now. lol.
Have you ever experienced anything like this in Japan!? Guess it isn't too uncommon. Especially if you're going/hanging out with someone japanese.

23 April 2014

My Favourite Mascara ♡


Today I thought I'd share with you, my absolute favourite mascara. I've been staying true to this mascara for many, many years. Although I really love beauty products. Which also means love to try different kinds of products. I've been sticking to this mascara throughout the years. Fiberwig from Dejavu is truly a great mascara. And I really do want to recommend it to you guys. If you can get your hands on this mascara. You should try it out.

Now, I haven't purchased Fiberwig here in Sweden for some years. But I do remember it being a lot more expensive here, than in Japan. I'm talking like 100SEK more. However, if I wouldn't have any other choice. I'd purchase it here in Sweden. Even though I'd have to pay that 100SEK extra.

What is so great about this mascara?
Well.. I LOVE it because it doesn't smudge. And you can really build up your lashes with it (as if you'd be wearing falsies). Since it contains fibers. It is super easy to wash off. All it requires is some warm water. And then, you just "pull" it off your lashes. I guess you could say that the mascara encapsulates the lashes. Even if you cry, or go for a swim, while wearing Fiberwig. It will stay right on. Just perfect. I feel like I never have to worry about my mascara coming off with Fiberwig. And I don't need any improvement throughout the day.

I think that my husbands old labmate is working at Dejavu as a researcher or something like that. If I remember correctly. So if I'm lucky, maybe we could get even more discount. Which is super nice ^^

This recent year, I've actually switched to using brown coloured mascara. Since It looks more natural. I kinda like to wear a more natural look. So it suits me better. And I think that girls with blue eyes suit way much better in brown mascara. It really enhances blue eyes. 

Xoxo Amanda

Have you ever tried this mascara before? What are your thoughts on it? 

If you look closely... you can actually see the fibers. Right? ^^

22 April 2014

Giraffage 08.04.14

About two weeks ago, I went to see Giraffage. One of my favourite producers. Brought some of my sweet friends along. And had a great time! Giraffage was sooo dope. Will definitely see him again sometime in the future.  I know I look like a total wreck in these pictures. But who cares? I think it's more important to have fun, than to "look good". And so sorry for the low quality in these photos. Hope they'll do anyway ^^

Spring Time

Hey guys!

After a veeeery long absence I'm back! Am absolutely sorry about it. First of all, my mac charger broke. And because of that, I couldn't do my studies. Which have left me with tons of things to do (as if I didn't have enough already). And since I've had tons of things to do.. I forgot to submit my application in time for new courses (a day too late), Which means I won't have any school during june, july. Makes me really bummed out. I was kinda counting on the money. Feeling pretty unlucky at the moment. Except from that, I have decided that it's enough with the bad luck. From now only good luck please.

How have you been!? And what have you guys been up to? I hope that you've all have been able to enjoy the lovely spring weather. Here in Sweden (Stockholm), it has been really warm these days. So I've been sitting outside for hours every day. Soaking in the sun. Not too bad :)

Baby have still not submitted the COE papers. But will do it on 30th april. So I still don't know when I'll be able to move to Japan. But I'm guessing in august latest. Hopefully. I feel really frustrated without him. Kind of taking it's toll on me. I guess on him as well. But honestly, I do find it very enjoyable to spend time here in Sweden. While Japan may be a very beautiful and fascinating country. Sweden is still a lot more cozy, and relaxing. Sometime I thought about how messy Japan can be. With all its' buildings, poorly planned layout, and sometime even unstructured nature. If you've been to Japan, maybe you somehow can relate to what I mean.

I don't really have any interesting pictures to show you. But I'll upload a couple of pictures from these recent days.

Seriously, I LOVE this ice cream so much!! One of my new favourites. Although, I wish it would have a thinner chocolate coat. 

I tried to make kind of Easter nailart. But I messed up on this one. Lol

30 March 2014

Right Now

LOVE this song so much! The more you play it, the better it gets!

29 March 2014

NIVEA Delicious Drop Strawberry Chocolate Flavor

So, I was in need of a new lip balm and decided to try out Nivea's strawberry and chocolate scented one. I don't know if it's available in any other country. But I purchased mine in Japan.

With this lip balm,a little goes a long way! Seriously it is so smooth, and creamy. And I got surprised the first time I applied it onto my lips, since you clearly don't need to apply much at all.

Well, more or less, it smells like chocolate and strawberries. I just wish it would have a bit more obvious scent. It also contains SPF (quite low though.. but enough for lips). It's pretty long lasting which is a big + . Even after it has faded from your lips, your lips will still feel moisturised.

Overall I like this product. I only feel a bit disappointed by the fact that the scent isn't too obvious. But that's fine. I'd still recommend it since it's a quite good product.

I'm sorry that the lip balm is leaning in these two last pictures. I'm aware of it. Lol

Earth Hour

I'm Back

Sorry for the low updates.

Before I left Japan I was so stressed out. Why? Well.. a lot of school work that needed to be done, packing to go back to Sweden (had no clue what to bring back), but also needed to pack my stuff that was gonna be moved to the apartment. Now I feel like a rock has fallen off my chest. Pheww. I've filled out most of the visa application (a bit early.. but I like to do stuff like this so that there won't be any last minute stress). And I also went to register our marriage here in Sweden. I guess it will take a bit longer time, since they need to translate the paper from japanese to swedish.

- I thought that we'd get a marriage certificate from Sweden as well. But I was wrong. Since we already got it from the japanese government. -

Honey will start fixing the COE ("certificate of eligibility"), which more or less, is the hard part of applying for a visa (at least when it comes to spousal visa). For example you have to tell story, dates, places. But also attach a couple of photos where you clearly can see that the two actually are a couple. But that's just some of it. COE is so much more than that. After submitting the COE, all you can do is wait. Time and patience will now be your best friend (COE takes about 1-3 months to be processed). After receiving the COE, the applicant of visa needs to obtain it from their spouse. Send it in together with a filled out visa application form, passport, photo etc to the Embassy of Japan (unless you're already in Japan). And again, wait some time. Either, you will be accepted, or not. But hopefully will be. Then the fun part comes. Purchasing the flight ticket. And off you go to Japan. And hopefully there won't be any problems at the immigration bureau. 

I just hope I have filled out the visa correctly. But while I was talking to the Embassy of Japan it seemed like they are not TOO specific about things. As long as the stuff you write down is accurate.

Really want to go home now. I often catch myself thinking 'what on earth am I doing here?', I should be with my husband. I mean, we've only been married for like two weeks. I miss eating dinner with him. I love having lunch, dinner, together with bby. Don't know why. But for me sharing a good meal together is gold worth. He's my favourite diningpartner person. Lol.

With my mother though... Nooo.. just no! It's not because I don't enjoy her company. It's because I am WAY TOO sensitive when it comes to noises. I seriously can not stand people who can't eat without making noise. It doesn't matter if it is loud, or not. Makes my blood boil. I've even told her to eat quietly. But she thinks she's already eating quietly. Uhh no you don't :(

A few years ago I found out that I suffer with tinnitus. But the doctor also told me that my ears probably are quite sensitive. Which make it hard for me to stand some noise. Well.. the noises that I've got problems with, is the noises related to eating.

If you haven't been to Japan, you might get a shock when entering a ramen shop. Everyone slurps their noodles. Everyone. Here in Sweden it's called bad manners. There, in Japan it's called "showing appreciation to the chef, and cool down the hot noodles". Bbys mum even slurps her salad. Oh god.. If you are sensitive to different eating noises, but really wanna go to Japan, I suggest you to get used to those kind of noises now already.

If you are not sensitive to those kind of noises, I'd say slurp away lol :) 

How slurping sounds etc makes me feel. Lol!!!

Anyway... I'm still happy to spend some time with my mother. I often feel guilty about leaving her all alone. I know that my mother will feel, or already feels very lonely. And to be honest, we don't have a great relationship. Because of many reasons it is hard for me to build up a good relationship again. I will always love her. But things in the past are hard to forget. And it might seem crazy. But we have the best relationship, when it's on a distance. For some relationships, distance is key.

Lol I'm so sorry for making a kind of useless post. Anyway, now you know I'm alive. And I haven't forgotten about the blog. I'll try to post a bunch of pictures later as well.

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend to the fullest.
Xo Amanda ^^

13 March 2014


I'm so sorry for the low update these days. Actually I was feeling really down for a couple of days. Mainly because my sweetheart is so busy. And always away. Which means we don't have much time to spend together. So I was feeling really lonely, and sad. I think every foreigner in Japan, who lives here, or stays here for longer times, will feel very lonely, and isolated every now and then. It's hard to explain... But it's a part of being a foreigner here. 

Yesterday, we went to Odaiba. Spring has arrived. And we  could enjoy the lovely weather luckily. We went to a planetarium at a science museum over there as well. I wasn't feeling well, exhausted, just really needed a nap or something. But since honey had paid the ticket for the planetarium I thought that I would not fall asleep.. And force myself to pay attention. But guess what!? Instead HE fell asleep. Haha, caught him with his mouth open. Too cute. After Odaiba we stopped by a nearby station to look at the Ghibli clock. I'm quite tired today as well. So I'll write less, and upload a bunch of pics instead.

But before I'm done with this post, I would like to mention that as from yesterday, me and sweetie became husband and wife. I still can't believe it. But I am so happy to be able to spend my entire life together with my other half. There's so much happiness. Maybe I'll write more about it another day.

I hope that you're all feeling well. And have had a good week so far. Lots of love <3