29 March 2014

NIVEA Delicious Drop Strawberry Chocolate Flavor

So, I was in need of a new lip balm and decided to try out Nivea's strawberry and chocolate scented one. I don't know if it's available in any other country. But I purchased mine in Japan.

With this lip balm,a little goes a long way! Seriously it is so smooth, and creamy. And I got surprised the first time I applied it onto my lips, since you clearly don't need to apply much at all.

Well, more or less, it smells like chocolate and strawberries. I just wish it would have a bit more obvious scent. It also contains SPF (quite low though.. but enough for lips). It's pretty long lasting which is a big + . Even after it has faded from your lips, your lips will still feel moisturised.

Overall I like this product. I only feel a bit disappointed by the fact that the scent isn't too obvious. But that's fine. I'd still recommend it since it's a quite good product.

I'm sorry that the lip balm is leaning in these two last pictures. I'm aware of it. Lol

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