13 March 2014


I'm so sorry for the low update these days. Actually I was feeling really down for a couple of days. Mainly because my sweetheart is so busy. And always away. Which means we don't have much time to spend together. So I was feeling really lonely, and sad. I think every foreigner in Japan, who lives here, or stays here for longer times, will feel very lonely, and isolated every now and then. It's hard to explain... But it's a part of being a foreigner here. 

Yesterday, we went to Odaiba. Spring has arrived. And we  could enjoy the lovely weather luckily. We went to a planetarium at a science museum over there as well. I wasn't feeling well, exhausted, just really needed a nap or something. But since honey had paid the ticket for the planetarium I thought that I would not fall asleep.. And force myself to pay attention. But guess what!? Instead HE fell asleep. Haha, caught him with his mouth open. Too cute. After Odaiba we stopped by a nearby station to look at the Ghibli clock. I'm quite tired today as well. So I'll write less, and upload a bunch of pics instead.

But before I'm done with this post, I would like to mention that as from yesterday, me and sweetie became husband and wife. I still can't believe it. But I am so happy to be able to spend my entire life together with my other half. There's so much happiness. Maybe I'll write more about it another day.

I hope that you're all feeling well. And have had a good week so far. Lots of love <3

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