26 February 2014


Hello guys! How have you been!?
I hope you're all fine. And that you were able to enjoy the weekend, and beginning of this week. 

I'm fine. But have been feeling a bit exhausting since there was a lot of things to do this weekend. And didn't get a lot of sleep. But I could enjoy anyway.

Me and honey went to an indian restaurant in Kichijouji. We ate tandoori chicken, prawn masala, garlic nan, and potato nan. It was super delicious! Especially the garlic nan. I think that the restaurants name is "Sital" (?) if I remember correctly. Anyway, I recommend you to go there if you're in Tokyo/Kichijouji. We also walked around for some while in Kichijouji, and even had lunch outside on a park bench. It was really cozy. After the dinner, and before we went home, we had warm sweet potato bubble tea from a small moomin stand that you can find in Kichijouji as well. It was so tasty. If you like pumpkin latte, I'm sure you'll love this sweet potato bubble tea also.

Sunday, as you know, we went to look at some apartments again. And the good news is, that we've found ourselves an apartment. Yaay. A 3LDK, 60 square meter, including a tatami room, two balconies. pretty fresh, and plenty of storage. Not too bad. I'm sure we'll make a good home there. Can't wait. Since we finished looking at apartments earlier than expected, we had plenty of time left that day. So we went to the sea for some while. It was nice. Unfortunately, even though last sunday was Mt Fuji's day, we weren't able to see Mt. Fuji. But we will have a lot of chances to see it in the future. So no worries.

We were gonna go to Disney Sea this monday. But finally, we were too tired from lack of sleep. So we just took it easy, and went to the next station to look at curtains and so on.
So instead, we went to Disney Sea yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We didn't ride too many attractions. But both me and sweetie were totally fine with it. We could enjoy just walking around, eating some tasty things, and just hang out together. I think Disney Sea is a lot more mature than Disney Land. And also a bit cosier. And the shows at Disney Sea it waaaay better than the parades at Disney Land. But I still like both places though. We didn't take a lot of pictures. But at least enough. I actually thought it would be more convenient to film a bit, and also more time saving. So I think that's why we didn't take too many pics at there. 

21 February 2014

Weekend Plans

Saturday: Go to Kichijoji and meet up with honey to eat lunch then walk around in the neighbourhood, and then have dinner. After that pick up rental car. Kichijoji is a quite cozy, and interesting neighbourhood with a lot of cafes and restaurants. Big + for that.

Sunday: Go and look at some other apartments. Hopefully we'll find one this time. Please let us find one this time. If not, I give up, kinda, sorta.. Blaah. Or at least I'll stop care and say yes to anything haha. I hope we'll get a good view of Mt. Fuji this time. It's so, so beautiful!

Monday: Disney Sea! Yaay (^o^) Really look forward to it. Last winter we went to Disneyland. loved it. Disney Sea, I heard, is more mature, and perhaps more popular for couples!?

I've been feeling like I'm catching a cold these recent days. It is just too freaking cold in this apartment. Central heating does NOT exist in Japan. And the ceiling here just sucks. Kotatsu is almost always occupied, and the oil heater sucks anyway. Blah blah.. should stop complain. Just started to feel even worse today. So I do feel a bit irritated. Have stuff to do you know. No time for a heavy cold. Seriously I'll stop complaining now.

Today I found this cute Rilakkuma latte while I was out. Bought it because it was just simply too cute. I was surprised that it didn't taste bad at all. Usually I don't like these kind of coffees. They are always too sweet. I like strong, unsweetened coffee normally.

Super kawaii or what!? lol

20 February 2014

Häagen Dazs 20.02.14

So in Japan, recently Häagen Dazs released two new, seasonal flavours for their "30th anniversary".

One I am a fan of myself.. the other one!? Not so much. The flavours are: sakura (cherry blossom), and rose. Can you guess which one that I do not find desirable? The rose flavoured one of course. Although I have not tried it out myself, I am also just as sure that I will not. I think that rose is something you either love, or hate. As much as I love the flower itself.. I absolutely do not like rose fragrances, flavours.. or anything similar to that. Blehhh.

Sakura, anyhow, I really like. It reminds me of bubblegum taste. When I've eaten, or been drinking something with sakura flavour, I immediately become reminded of my childhood. Every now and then, my mother would buy me this pink, soft bubblegum in a tube, that I always loved to chew. With a taste so sweet.

But I won't lie. Sakura is a complicated flavour. You can easily go wrong with it. For example, I've eaten sakura softcream, that wasn't a big hit. Häagen Dazs sakura ice cream is however awesome, . Starbucks Sakura Latte isn't that good either. Way too milky. It takes a pro to master the flavour of sakura.

Anyhoo, back to the topic, me and sweetie bought both sakura and rose. His sister wanted to try out both flavours. So I've taken a couple of pictures of both the ice creams.

If you're in Japan, take this opportunity to buy any of these ice creams, while they're still available. I recommend sakura one. If you're a fan of cherry blossoms, you'll be a fan of this ice cream too. The price is around 180¥ if I remember correctly :)

Which one of these would you like to try out!?

15 February 2014

Alla Hjärtans Dag

- Happy Valentine's Day - Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag - Afterwards 

Did you have a good day yesterday!? 
I know a lot of people feel pressure during Valentine's day.  I try not to. But sometimes it's hard.
Actually, I've never really celebrated Valentine's day to be honest. Well.. two Valentine's ago, I made a special "cake" for Ryo. And this year I made him some chocolate. And I also made kinda home made wrapping to go with it. But we didn't celebrate Valentine's even a tiny bit. As usual.

In Japan, during Valentine's day, the girls here make chocolate for the guys. Not just the guys that they love. But it can also be for colleagues, school friends, and so on.
There are two different types of chocolate that you can give to the guys. One is for the person that you more or less love "honmei choco". And the other one is just generally for everyone that you usually meet every day "giri choco". But the girls can also exchange choco with their other female friends "tomo choco

A month later, during "White day", the guys will return the favour by giving the girls a gift back.
I find it a little bit odd. Why wait a month later to return the gift!? Ahh.. Japan is Japan. That's why.

I couldn't snap any good photo of the giftbos I made. It didn't turn out well. But it had to do. lol

12 February 2014

Kawagoe 11.02.14

Hey guys!

How are you!? Yesterday I went to Kawagoe together with Ryo, and his mother. It was quite nice to hang out with them. But Kawagoe was, to be honest, a bit disappointing. From pictures, and internet it seemed much more interesting than it really was. For those of you who don't know, Kawagoe is locally known as "Little Edo". If you don't know Edo, it is the former name of Tokyo ->Edo<-

We basically just walked around in Kawagoe for about 4 hours. Ate some "Takoyaki sandwich", and grilled dango. Yummy!! We (and by we, I mean Ryo's mum lol) also bought some dorayaki and baumkuhen that we took with us to home. We ate the sakura flavoured dorayaki yesterday. And both the sweet potato baumkuchen, and the vanilla baumkuchen. The sakura dorayaki was so, so delicious. And in the middle it had some mochi as well. My favourite baumkuchen was the sweet potato baumkuchen. I really love sweet potato.

As a matter of fact, Kawagoe is a sweet potato city. So you will be able to find all kinds of sweet potato snacks, and food there. I'd highly recommend anyone who loves sweet potato to go there. And in Kawagoe, they also have a "candy street". Although I am a sweets lover, I didn't buy any candy, or snacks there.

Well, I don't have anything else to tell really. I'm soon gonna clean up a bit here. And then purchase the rest that's missing for the valentines chocolate that I'm gonna make for Ryo.

Maybe I'll update again later. Feel free to leave a comment or so.
Xoxo Amanda