26 April 2016


Woahh!! I can't believe it's been such a long time since I last updated this blog. I guess there hasn't been much of a motivation to keep this blog going. But maybe I'll try to get back to it soon.

On Saturday me and Ryo went to Nagoya to watch the baseball game between Yakult (Tokyo) and Dragons (Nagoya). It was the first time for me seeing a baseball game IRL, and it was surprisingly enjoyable.

We arrived in Nagoya in the morning, so we decided to have breakfast at our favourite cafe for "ogura toast" (toast with red bean paste, and butter). The toast at the cafe that we like contains black sesame seeds as well, which makes it even yummier than normal ogura toast.

After having breakfast we went to the cinemas to watch Spotlight. It wasn't our first choice, but as we were late we went with Spotlight. It was definitely an interesting movie. Based on a true story. After the movies we went to watch the game. As we were too tired and hungry we decided to leave 30 minutes earlier.

For dinner we had chicken wings (famous in Nagoya. I recommend it strongly. Superyummy!!). I was going to take more pictures, but forgot about it. Before going to the hotel we bought some more chicken to go, and munched on it later in the hotel in Mie prefecture (will make another post about our small trip to there later).