15 February 2014

Alla Hjärtans Dag

- Happy Valentine's Day - Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag - Afterwards 

Did you have a good day yesterday!? 
I know a lot of people feel pressure during Valentine's day.  I try not to. But sometimes it's hard.
Actually, I've never really celebrated Valentine's day to be honest. Well.. two Valentine's ago, I made a special "cake" for Ryo. And this year I made him some chocolate. And I also made kinda home made wrapping to go with it. But we didn't celebrate Valentine's even a tiny bit. As usual.

In Japan, during Valentine's day, the girls here make chocolate for the guys. Not just the guys that they love. But it can also be for colleagues, school friends, and so on.
There are two different types of chocolate that you can give to the guys. One is for the person that you more or less love "honmei choco". And the other one is just generally for everyone that you usually meet every day "giri choco". But the girls can also exchange choco with their other female friends "tomo choco

A month later, during "White day", the guys will return the favour by giving the girls a gift back.
I find it a little bit odd. Why wait a month later to return the gift!? Ahh.. Japan is Japan. That's why.

I couldn't snap any good photo of the giftbos I made. It didn't turn out well. But it had to do. lol

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