04 February 2014

Cold Day

Today the weather here in Saitama is not so fine. From the warm, spring weather yesterday, to raw, wet, cold weather today. Although, it did not stop me from taking a power walk earlier today. I went up at 6am since I was already awake and couldn't fall back to sleep. It was nice to spend some time together with my honey before he left for school. Around 8 I finally went out to get some fresh air. Met a really cute dog while being outside. Aww. Do want!

I don't really have anything special, or interesting to write about right now. But still I felt like write a post. Lol!
Today I ate potato & leek soup, and a crisp bread with beetroot salad, for lunch. This soup was perfect to become a bit warmer in this cold weather. Brrr.

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