03 February 2014

Japan 3/2

Hey guys! It's been too long since I last updated my blog. But I have decided that it's just about time that I start writing here again. And more actively than before :) I've been in Japan for over a month. And enjoying it quite a lot. Although it sometimes get a bit too lonely.. I'm still fine.

I've been feeling like my Japanese got much worse than I'd expected. And for some time it made me quite sad.. and I felt tired of even trying. But finally I decided to not be sad about the situation. And just work harder to get where I want to be. I think that everyone feels a bit insecure and so on, after a long time of not using a language they still do not completely master.

Today it was 18+ Celsius where I "live". So I went out for a walk by myself to enjoy the lovely weather. However the air pollution level ruined the experience a bit. Sometimes here, it feels like even though you're spending time outdoors. You're not actually getting any fresh air. That's one of the things I always miss about Sweden. The air is always so refreshing. Oh well, every country has got their own different good and bad points ^^ 

Since I haven't updated my blog in a very long time, I haven't (of course) mentioned the fact that I'll be moving to Japan for an indefinite period of time. I am looking forward to it much to be honest. It also means that I only have about 2-3 months left to live in Sweden. Time will fly (hopefully).

Me and my sweetheart are currently looking for an apartment as well. At the moment we've got 3 different candidates. But we won't decide any specific apartment until the end of this month. Especially since we will live in the same apartment for quite some years (I'm talking around 5 years), it's very important that we make the correct choice.
I feel like I'm very spoiled when it comes to apartments. Or well, I guess that all Swedes are quite spoiled when it comes to apartments. In my opinion we've got some pretty high living standards back in my home country. But I still love the charm of Japanese apartments. The problem is more or less that they might not be as fresh as the swedish ones. And also that the rooms in an apartment are quite tiny. And I also feel that japanese people don't think through the layout before they build them. Thanks to that it can be quite hard to furniture the rooms the way you'd preferably want to. However, I have noticed that they've given the whole "south facing" thing a lot of thought.. since all of the apartments we've been looking at (online and irl) are south facing. 

Finally, I'll just write quickly about yesterday. Me and baby went to the Andy Warhol exhibition. I could enjoy it pretty much. The only downside was that I got too tired at the end, to enjoy the exhibition fully. Walking through the exhibition took around 2-3 hours. I think it's quite easy to imagine that the blood sugar level got really low at the end haha. We also went to another, free photo exhibition in midtown yesterday. It was nice as well.
I also snapped two different photos of the Tokyo Tower yesterday. I've never managed to get any good photos of it before actually. But these will do... I guess :) 

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