21 February 2014

Weekend Plans

Saturday: Go to Kichijoji and meet up with honey to eat lunch then walk around in the neighbourhood, and then have dinner. After that pick up rental car. Kichijoji is a quite cozy, and interesting neighbourhood with a lot of cafes and restaurants. Big + for that.

Sunday: Go and look at some other apartments. Hopefully we'll find one this time. Please let us find one this time. If not, I give up, kinda, sorta.. Blaah. Or at least I'll stop care and say yes to anything haha. I hope we'll get a good view of Mt. Fuji this time. It's so, so beautiful!

Monday: Disney Sea! Yaay (^o^) Really look forward to it. Last winter we went to Disneyland. loved it. Disney Sea, I heard, is more mature, and perhaps more popular for couples!?

I've been feeling like I'm catching a cold these recent days. It is just too freaking cold in this apartment. Central heating does NOT exist in Japan. And the ceiling here just sucks. Kotatsu is almost always occupied, and the oil heater sucks anyway. Blah blah.. should stop complain. Just started to feel even worse today. So I do feel a bit irritated. Have stuff to do you know. No time for a heavy cold. Seriously I'll stop complaining now.

Today I found this cute Rilakkuma latte while I was out. Bought it because it was just simply too cute. I was surprised that it didn't taste bad at all. Usually I don't like these kind of coffees. They are always too sweet. I like strong, unsweetened coffee normally.

Super kawaii or what!? lol

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