26 February 2014


Hello guys! How have you been!?
I hope you're all fine. And that you were able to enjoy the weekend, and beginning of this week. 

I'm fine. But have been feeling a bit exhausting since there was a lot of things to do this weekend. And didn't get a lot of sleep. But I could enjoy anyway.

Me and honey went to an indian restaurant in Kichijouji. We ate tandoori chicken, prawn masala, garlic nan, and potato nan. It was super delicious! Especially the garlic nan. I think that the restaurants name is "Sital" (?) if I remember correctly. Anyway, I recommend you to go there if you're in Tokyo/Kichijouji. We also walked around for some while in Kichijouji, and even had lunch outside on a park bench. It was really cozy. After the dinner, and before we went home, we had warm sweet potato bubble tea from a small moomin stand that you can find in Kichijouji as well. It was so tasty. If you like pumpkin latte, I'm sure you'll love this sweet potato bubble tea also.

Sunday, as you know, we went to look at some apartments again. And the good news is, that we've found ourselves an apartment. Yaay. A 3LDK, 60 square meter, including a tatami room, two balconies. pretty fresh, and plenty of storage. Not too bad. I'm sure we'll make a good home there. Can't wait. Since we finished looking at apartments earlier than expected, we had plenty of time left that day. So we went to the sea for some while. It was nice. Unfortunately, even though last sunday was Mt Fuji's day, we weren't able to see Mt. Fuji. But we will have a lot of chances to see it in the future. So no worries.

We were gonna go to Disney Sea this monday. But finally, we were too tired from lack of sleep. So we just took it easy, and went to the next station to look at curtains and so on.
So instead, we went to Disney Sea yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We didn't ride too many attractions. But both me and sweetie were totally fine with it. We could enjoy just walking around, eating some tasty things, and just hang out together. I think Disney Sea is a lot more mature than Disney Land. And also a bit cosier. And the shows at Disney Sea it waaaay better than the parades at Disney Land. But I still like both places though. We didn't take a lot of pictures. But at least enough. I actually thought it would be more convenient to film a bit, and also more time saving. So I think that's why we didn't take too many pics at there. 

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