03 March 2014

03.03.14 Hinamatsuri


How are you!?
I am fine. 

Today in Japan, it is "Hinamatsuri" as some of you might know. Hinamatsuri (doll festival/girl's festival) is always celebrated on 3rd of March. Families with daughters will during this day, pray for them to have a happy and successful life. It is also tradition to display dolls, together with peach blossoms in the homes here, during Hinamatsuri. Eating chirashi sushi is another tradition of Hinamatsuri (if you haven't tried it, you should, I really love it. Absolutely delicious). And I read somewhere that you also drink sweet sake today. But I don't know about that.

Honey's mum also gave me some Hinamatsuri origami that her colleague had made. Her colleague told her to give it to me. Very nice thought. I've always liked origami. And a couple of years ago I spent a lot of my time folding origami. Have you ever tried it out? There's a lot of guides online where you can learn to fold different kinds of origami.

Aren't they adorable!? Really cute. Origami always fascinates me a lot.

What else!? Hmm... well.. yesterday, me and honey met up with one of his friends. We went to a local tempura restaurant to eat. It was delicious. And I could enjoy having lunch together with his friend. All of us ordered the same. A set menu for 2000¥ each.

Don't have any good pictures of yesterday's lunch. But here's some of the food that were included in the set menu.

At the restaurant yesterday. To be honest I've felt uncomfortable with the thought of uploading pictures of me,
 or other people around me here at the blog. But I'll try to change it.
I guess it won't hurt to upload a picture every now and then ^^

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