29 March 2014

I'm Back

Sorry for the low updates.

Before I left Japan I was so stressed out. Why? Well.. a lot of school work that needed to be done, packing to go back to Sweden (had no clue what to bring back), but also needed to pack my stuff that was gonna be moved to the apartment. Now I feel like a rock has fallen off my chest. Pheww. I've filled out most of the visa application (a bit early.. but I like to do stuff like this so that there won't be any last minute stress). And I also went to register our marriage here in Sweden. I guess it will take a bit longer time, since they need to translate the paper from japanese to swedish.

- I thought that we'd get a marriage certificate from Sweden as well. But I was wrong. Since we already got it from the japanese government. -

Honey will start fixing the COE ("certificate of eligibility"), which more or less, is the hard part of applying for a visa (at least when it comes to spousal visa). For example you have to tell story, dates, places. But also attach a couple of photos where you clearly can see that the two actually are a couple. But that's just some of it. COE is so much more than that. After submitting the COE, all you can do is wait. Time and patience will now be your best friend (COE takes about 1-3 months to be processed). After receiving the COE, the applicant of visa needs to obtain it from their spouse. Send it in together with a filled out visa application form, passport, photo etc to the Embassy of Japan (unless you're already in Japan). And again, wait some time. Either, you will be accepted, or not. But hopefully will be. Then the fun part comes. Purchasing the flight ticket. And off you go to Japan. And hopefully there won't be any problems at the immigration bureau. 

I just hope I have filled out the visa correctly. But while I was talking to the Embassy of Japan it seemed like they are not TOO specific about things. As long as the stuff you write down is accurate.

Really want to go home now. I often catch myself thinking 'what on earth am I doing here?', I should be with my husband. I mean, we've only been married for like two weeks. I miss eating dinner with him. I love having lunch, dinner, together with bby. Don't know why. But for me sharing a good meal together is gold worth. He's my favourite diningpartner person. Lol.

With my mother though... Nooo.. just no! It's not because I don't enjoy her company. It's because I am WAY TOO sensitive when it comes to noises. I seriously can not stand people who can't eat without making noise. It doesn't matter if it is loud, or not. Makes my blood boil. I've even told her to eat quietly. But she thinks she's already eating quietly. Uhh no you don't :(

A few years ago I found out that I suffer with tinnitus. But the doctor also told me that my ears probably are quite sensitive. Which make it hard for me to stand some noise. Well.. the noises that I've got problems with, is the noises related to eating.

If you haven't been to Japan, you might get a shock when entering a ramen shop. Everyone slurps their noodles. Everyone. Here in Sweden it's called bad manners. There, in Japan it's called "showing appreciation to the chef, and cool down the hot noodles". Bbys mum even slurps her salad. Oh god.. If you are sensitive to different eating noises, but really wanna go to Japan, I suggest you to get used to those kind of noises now already.

If you are not sensitive to those kind of noises, I'd say slurp away lol :) 

How slurping sounds etc makes me feel. Lol!!!

Anyway... I'm still happy to spend some time with my mother. I often feel guilty about leaving her all alone. I know that my mother will feel, or already feels very lonely. And to be honest, we don't have a great relationship. Because of many reasons it is hard for me to build up a good relationship again. I will always love her. But things in the past are hard to forget. And it might seem crazy. But we have the best relationship, when it's on a distance. For some relationships, distance is key.

Lol I'm so sorry for making a kind of useless post. Anyway, now you know I'm alive. And I haven't forgotten about the blog. I'll try to post a bunch of pictures later as well.

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend to the fullest.
Xo Amanda ^^

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