04 March 2014

Semlor 04.03.14

Happy Shrove Tuesday - Glad Fettisdag.

Since you can only find the traditional semla at IKEA, or at a Swedish restaurant here in Japan, I decided to make homemade ones instead. I'm pretty pleased with the result. They taste delicious. I'm just a bit disappointed that the cream makes the buns look less pretty. Japanese cream is so strange.. I whipped, and whipped, and the cream became very firm/formable. But a very short while after I put it on the buns, it started to sag. Stupid cream. I'm not too familiar with Japanese baking products yet. It is so different, compared to Swedish ones. At first I thought of making the buns shiny. But I decided to go for the traditional look. Kind of rustic.

I was gonna surprise honey with the semlor yesterday. But of course his mum sent him a mail saying I had bake it. Nothing can be kept a secret. Should have seen it coming. Of course it made me a bit disappointed since I looked forward to surprising him.

Nevertheless it was very delicious :)

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