12 February 2014

Kawagoe 11.02.14

Hey guys!

How are you!? Yesterday I went to Kawagoe together with Ryo, and his mother. It was quite nice to hang out with them. But Kawagoe was, to be honest, a bit disappointing. From pictures, and internet it seemed much more interesting than it really was. For those of you who don't know, Kawagoe is locally known as "Little Edo". If you don't know Edo, it is the former name of Tokyo ->Edo<-

We basically just walked around in Kawagoe for about 4 hours. Ate some "Takoyaki sandwich", and grilled dango. Yummy!! We (and by we, I mean Ryo's mum lol) also bought some dorayaki and baumkuhen that we took with us to home. We ate the sakura flavoured dorayaki yesterday. And both the sweet potato baumkuchen, and the vanilla baumkuchen. The sakura dorayaki was so, so delicious. And in the middle it had some mochi as well. My favourite baumkuchen was the sweet potato baumkuchen. I really love sweet potato.

As a matter of fact, Kawagoe is a sweet potato city. So you will be able to find all kinds of sweet potato snacks, and food there. I'd highly recommend anyone who loves sweet potato to go there. And in Kawagoe, they also have a "candy street". Although I am a sweets lover, I didn't buy any candy, or snacks there.

Well, I don't have anything else to tell really. I'm soon gonna clean up a bit here. And then purchase the rest that's missing for the valentines chocolate that I'm gonna make for Ryo.

Maybe I'll update again later. Feel free to leave a comment or so.
Xoxo Amanda

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