23 April 2014

My Favourite Mascara ♡


Today I thought I'd share with you, my absolute favourite mascara. I've been staying true to this mascara for many, many years. Although I really love beauty products. Which also means love to try different kinds of products. I've been sticking to this mascara throughout the years. Fiberwig from Dejavu is truly a great mascara. And I really do want to recommend it to you guys. If you can get your hands on this mascara. You should try it out.

Now, I haven't purchased Fiberwig here in Sweden for some years. But I do remember it being a lot more expensive here, than in Japan. I'm talking like 100SEK more. However, if I wouldn't have any other choice. I'd purchase it here in Sweden. Even though I'd have to pay that 100SEK extra.

What is so great about this mascara?
Well.. I LOVE it because it doesn't smudge. And you can really build up your lashes with it (as if you'd be wearing falsies). Since it contains fibers. It is super easy to wash off. All it requires is some warm water. And then, you just "pull" it off your lashes. I guess you could say that the mascara encapsulates the lashes. Even if you cry, or go for a swim, while wearing Fiberwig. It will stay right on. Just perfect. I feel like I never have to worry about my mascara coming off with Fiberwig. And I don't need any improvement throughout the day.

I think that my husbands old labmate is working at Dejavu as a researcher or something like that. If I remember correctly. So if I'm lucky, maybe we could get even more discount. Which is super nice ^^

This recent year, I've actually switched to using brown coloured mascara. Since It looks more natural. I kinda like to wear a more natural look. So it suits me better. And I think that girls with blue eyes suit way much better in brown mascara. It really enhances blue eyes. 

Xoxo Amanda

Have you ever tried this mascara before? What are your thoughts on it? 

If you look closely... you can actually see the fibers. Right? ^^


  1. Fin blogg du har!:D Den mascaran är skitbra!!

  2. Tack så mycket :) Och detsamma. Ja visst är den? Bästa jag vet :D Borta i Japan så har dom ju massor med olika typer av fiberwig. Riktigt bra!