22 April 2014

Spring Time

Hey guys!

After a veeeery long absence I'm back! Am absolutely sorry about it. First of all, my mac charger broke. And because of that, I couldn't do my studies. Which have left me with tons of things to do (as if I didn't have enough already). And since I've had tons of things to do.. I forgot to submit my application in time for new courses (a day too late), Which means I won't have any school during june, july. Makes me really bummed out. I was kinda counting on the money. Feeling pretty unlucky at the moment. Except from that, I have decided that it's enough with the bad luck. From now only good luck please.

How have you been!? And what have you guys been up to? I hope that you've all have been able to enjoy the lovely spring weather. Here in Sweden (Stockholm), it has been really warm these days. So I've been sitting outside for hours every day. Soaking in the sun. Not too bad :)

Baby have still not submitted the COE papers. But will do it on 30th april. So I still don't know when I'll be able to move to Japan. But I'm guessing in august latest. Hopefully. I feel really frustrated without him. Kind of taking it's toll on me. I guess on him as well. But honestly, I do find it very enjoyable to spend time here in Sweden. While Japan may be a very beautiful and fascinating country. Sweden is still a lot more cozy, and relaxing. Sometime I thought about how messy Japan can be. With all its' buildings, poorly planned layout, and sometime even unstructured nature. If you've been to Japan, maybe you somehow can relate to what I mean.

I don't really have any interesting pictures to show you. But I'll upload a couple of pictures from these recent days.

Seriously, I LOVE this ice cream so much!! One of my new favourites. Although, I wish it would have a thinner chocolate coat. 

I tried to make kind of Easter nailart. But I messed up on this one. Lol

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