17 September 2014

Japanese Beauty Magazine: Maquia

There are so many different kinds of magazines in Japan. I believe there's something to satisfy everyone's need, or taste. Which is great. 

My latest magazine purchase is the september issue of the beauty magazine Maquila. It contains everything from tutorials, latest make up trends, latest products, recipes, and so on. At a cost of 650¥ you'll get over 300 pages to read, or look at. Pretty generous in my opinion. 

The September issue came with kind of straps that you use to stretch/work out with. And also with instructions on how to perform these exercises. 

But that's not all. If you fill out a survey that comes with the issue, you have a chance of winning a foundation + foundation brush from the brand bare minerals. Or you could chose another foundation from the book-in-book you receive with the September issue. Awesome, right? 

I really love magazines in Japan ^^

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