12 June 2013

Japan ✩✩

Sooo.. I haven't uploaded any new post in a long time. I was so stressed the days before going to Japan, and these days in Japan I've just wanted to relax + had many school things to take care of.

I'm really enjoying it here. Finally I can be together with my boyfriend after months apart. Although he is so busy and we only get to spend time during night and weekends.. but I guess it's alright, shouldn't complain really.

This weekend me and Ryo met some friends for celebrating our friend Anna's birthday. And also we went to Lake Town with bicycle. It was the first time in five years that I rode bicycle!! Had forgotten how much fun it is. And riding bicycle in Japan really is something! 

I don't have anything else to tell right now really, but here are a bunch of pictures ^^

At heathrow.. waiting waiting waiting!! lol
But seriously 4 hours of waiting.. omg. 
I did however meet very nice people at the flight!

カスチラ with gold. Yummm

Me and my boyfriends mother shared ice cream from Baskin Robbins.
 It was really cheap.. four scoops of ice cream for the price of 290 yen!! 
Not to mention delicious ;)

I really love snacks with strawberry flavour (which both my boyfriend
 and his mother are quite aware of obviously.. lol) But I have got to
 admit that I do prefer the original Takenoko No Sato! 
This one is also good.. but not so impressive. 

♡ B-day cake 

I made a birthday cake (peach mousse and chamomile mousse cake)
 for my friend Anna since we celebrated her birthday!! Grattis ^^ 
I think it turned out alright. We went to an izakaya for food and drinks. 
And afterwards we spent some time @ karaoke. It was fun.
 And It was so nice meeting everyone again. 

My friends also surprised me during Anna's birthday party 
with some delayed birthday gifts!!! 
How nice they are  did not see that coming!!

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