27 June 2013

Japanese Fashion Magazines

Some dasy ago I purchased my favourites Japanese magazines. The august issue of Happie Nuts & Jelly, and the july issue of Blenda. In Sweden Japanese fashion/beauty magazines are really expensive. Around 2500-3000¥ each. Whilst here in Japan I paid less than 2000¥ for these three magazines. Of course it is possible to order the magazines online, or I could even ask my boyfriend. But it would take too long before I'd receive it.. (yes a bit impatient lol) .

The Happie Nuts issue came with a handy mirror from SLY
 (some of you might have heard of it before, I hope) .
 It was good timing...
 ...since I've been thinking of getting myself a new pocket mirror.

From Happie Nuts.

From Jelly.

From Blenda. 

Do you have any favourite magazine from Japan? Which, and why? ^^
When I was younger I liked Egg, Vivi, and Kera, a lot. But now-days I have more interest to these three :)

I love that Japanese fashion magazines always contains how-to-guides (hair, makeup) , and that they are very thick . Wish we'd have more like these magazines in Sweden (-_-;)


  1. love your blog! follow for a follow? :) xx

  2. I love that mirror btw! wish you could buy those magazines in England :( following you :) xx

  3. Thanks.. it's quite cute, right? :) Perhaps you could buy it in some Japanese food store? I know that it's possible to purchase magazines at however I don't know about the shipping fees ><