18 June 2013

Weekend In Japan

So this saturday I went to Chiba for a day with my boyfriend's mother. It was very enjoyable. We went there by bus. We tried different sake, went to a カスチラ (castella) factory, looked at flowers, stopped by the sea, and bough some food from different local shops. Actually I didn't take a lot of photos since we were short on time. But at least I got some pics :)

The castella factory ^^ 
We bought 紅茶 (black tea) 抹茶 (green tea),
 and strawberry castella

Just some pics.

 I saw a real octopus for the first time in my life. 
It was really fun and surprising. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photo of it since it was so fast.

We ate ramen for dinner with my boyfriend after coming back from our trip. 

Sunday, me and le boyfriend went to Kita-senju and just walked around in different shops. Nothing special really, but it was really nice spending time with him. I found some cute accessories and my boyfriend bought them for me ♡ . On our way to home we stopped by Mr Donuts to buy some calpis donuts, and get a calpis glass!! (I love calpis so much lol.) Five donuts + calpis glass for 700¥... totally worth it! 

The pictures turned out quite bad. 
Anyway, this is the accessories. 
I really like the half moon necklace, it's so cute.
I like how the earrings are discrete 
 And I'm happy I found an anklet. 
I've been looking for it for a long time in Sweden. 
But it doesn't seem popular in there anymore. 


Calpis donuts. My favourite was pon de ring. 
The blue ones have got soda flavour.
 But I thought the flavour was a bit too strong for me.
The pink one is strawberry flavoured,
 with original calpis flavoured cream inside.
And finally, the glass!! 
It is so cute, and surely it will be used frequently lol. 

This is not from this weekend, but from today actually
. I LOVE this yoghurt so much ♡ 
"custard vanilla yoghurt" , and I've been missing it a lot. 
Even though we have many different type of yoghurts in Sweden, 
we don't have anything as awesome as this custard yoghurt.

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