08 May 2013



Today I treated myself with some fika since I've been, or well, still am on a soup diet. However I do not want to think about how many calories those donuts contain. But it sure was delicious (^@^), blueberry donut, and applesauce donut. The best donuts I've ever tried though is the one's from Mister Donut. Their Pon De Ring is awesome ^^

I feel a bit bad since I haven't been updating my blog at all since my first post. But there is a reason behind it. In two weeks the courses I am taking will finish, and therefor I am having a lot of tests, essays, and an upcoming final exam. And on the same day as my final exam, I will also be moving!! Crazy.. But oh well.. I guess my mother is in a hurry lol. To be honest I don't mind having tons of things to do.. kinda enjoy it. It keeps me motivated, which is a good thing ^^

Today it is just 23 days left until I'm going back to Japan, finally!! In some ways it feels like it's quite long time left. Maybe I'm just too keen to go? (^o^) I really miss my boyfriend.. I haven't met him for 3,5 month. So it's gonna be so nice to spend time with him and his family again. This time I will be staying for almost 3 months, though I wish I could have stayed for longer.

 For those of you who have been to Japan, or is staying Japan.. maybe you can agree with me about this: Time is not enough when it comes to Japan. I mean, there are so many things to see out there. Even if you do or see tons of things, you will still be able to find a lot of stuff you've been missing out on. It's like it never stops. Japan is the country where you always will be able to find something to do!! Quite the opposite of Sweden. In Swedish we usually call our country "Landet lagom." It's a bit hard to translate the word lagom directly into English. But I would say that just about enough might be a good comparison. Landet means the country. What we Swedes mean anyway is that we don't have too much, nor too little of anything.

I always find myself getting a bit bored here, and it feels like something's missing. I guess the feeling I'm having is mutual to other Swedish people's feeling who escaped to wonderful and amazing Japan

Then, until next time!
Love from Amanda 

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