01 May 2013


So, this is my first post. And what could be better than starting off with an introduction? My blog is still under construction so please be patient about it's appearance

For the short story, just read under "about me"

Well anyway, my name is Amanda, 20 years old, soon to be 21 (in less than a month.) I live in Sweden, but spend quite much of my time in Japan where I visit my boyfriend. My boyfriend is Japanese and I met him in the autumn of 2011 during his one year as an exchange student in Stockholm. Having a long-distance relationship is quite tough but I keep my optimism. I am studying ATM via distance courses, therefor I have the opportunity to travel much . But as soon as I've graduated I'll move to Japan to attend language school.. which will be awesome I'm sure.

I am in love with food ♡ to cook and eat many delicious things.. it's heaven! And what I love about good food is that it gathers people. I'm not afraid to try out new food, even if it is something people in let's say for example Sweden wouldn't normally try. In my opinion trying food is an experience, it could be both good or bad. I do love baking as well.. however recently I haven't done it much since the stove I have right now is very bad.

Fashion and beauty is something else I enjoy much. However when being a poor student, it can be hard  to manage the money. I'm sure some of you can agree with me (^o^). Recently I started trying out natural products instead of expensive beauty products.. and surprisingly enough it works better than I expected. Actually, in my opinion it has worked better than any matching beauty products. So perhaps I'll give you some recommendations  every now and then.

I guess this introduction is enough for now. If you would have any question feel free to ask me ^-^ And thank you for taking your time to read this.

Until next time.
From Amanda 

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