16 May 2013

Some Things On My Wish List

Etude House lip concealer for creating gradient lips. I have tried the gradient lips with normal concealer. But I feel tempted by Etude's concealer made for lips, and I can imagine the result would be even better. 

Etude House Cherry Lip Tint. Mainly I want it for the gradient lips. But I'd love to use it just as it is as well. Both the red and pink colour are adorable!! ^^

Etude House Princess Etoinette hightlighter and blush. These are just too cute!!! The highlighter would be nice for creating a wonderful and healthy glow. And it seems like the blush give you very pretty cheeks. 
I'm really keen about trying this Love Darling Eyeliner from Creerbeauteas well. It does not smudge, nor come off easily, and yes, I'm sold!! I've read great reviews about this eyeliner, and can't wait to try it out myself. 

Last, but not least.. these Liz Lisa shoes are just too adorable!!! They come in three colours: White, yellow, and pink. I think all the colours are nice. But honestly, at first I thought the white ones were the best.. but  now I really think that the yellow coloured one are too cute. 

 Note: I do not own any of the pictures. You can find the sources herehere, and here!

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  1. Var med och tävla om din favoritprodukt från Hope Design! Välj mellan allt från väskor och trendiga toppar till smycken och grymt snygga mobilskal! :)