02 July 2013

Matsuzakaya Department Store Shoe Shopping

This weekend, the famous Matsuzakaya department store (since 90 years back), located in Ginza, opened it's doors for the last time. In 2016 a new shopping mall will open up at there. Matsuzakaya had a big sale this weekend, so I went there with my boyfriend. And not did I only find one, but actually three pairs of shoes. The total cost for the shoes was under 6000¥!!!

I really like these sandals! I think the price was around 2100-2250¥ ?
It's got really good quality as well.

These shoes were sold for 2150¥
It has been approved by an editor at Vivi (some of you might have heard of the magazine)

The price for these shoes were... hold on... 1050¥!!! 
They do look very similar to the black shoes.
The difference though, is that they are a bit higher, and has leopard print. 

I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. And I can't imagine finding this kind of sale in Sweden.. at least not for shoes with this good quality! I think everyone should try out bargains here in Japan. Although the Japanese women are like crazy (and scary) during bargains, it is totally worth it. Especially considering about the amount of money that could be saved. 

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