17 July 2013

Shopping Haul: Etude House

Yesterday I went by Etude House at La Foret in Harajuku. The shop was really bright, and literally overloaded with cuteness. I didn't spend much time at there. But I did pick up some stuff I've been wanting to purchase for quite some time. I was lucky enough to get some gifts from Etude House as well.

Bought this lip tint "fresh cherry" in red. 
It smells really, really nice.

Got this sample "Collagen Moistfull".

Also this sample "Sun Prise".

I got this cute pen as well :)

And finally.. I got this cute neck pillow. Perfect for traveling ^^

I also bought the "Princess Etoinette" blush and highlighter.
The packaging is very cute. And I'm sure I will keep it forever.
I really like that the blush and highlighter is heart-shaped.
The shade of the blush is very nice. And I am already fond of the highlighter.
Perhaps I'll write an review about these products later on.

Unfortunately I forgot to buy the Etude House lip concealer. But I could always buy it later on. 

I'd recommend anyone to go visit Etude House. They have a lot of different products, with cute packaging and nice scents. The price range is affordable. And as known... Korean beauty products are awesome.

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