01 July 2013

100% Chocolate Cafe

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Meiji's cafe called "100% Chocolate Cafe". It's easy to figure out that everything on the menu contains chocolate, lol. I've been very excited to go there. Overall it was a good experience. 

Berry and chocolate ice drink. It was so delicious!!!
(Sorry for the bad photo) 

My boyfriend got this espresso chocolate ice drink.
Also very good!! Rich in flavour.

This was a big disappointment!! :( 
It looks quite tasty, right?
And I got so excited when I saw it on the menu.
But the truth to be told, it was so, so dry, and tasteless!!
It wasn't worth the 470¥ 

This however was nice!! 
Some kind of roll (?) with melted chocolate inside.
They give you the opportunity to choose from three different chocolate types 
to put inside the roll.

I bought some different chocolates to bring home.
Each piece cost 210¥, which isn't that bad.
I think you can choose from 50 or 60 different chocolates.. which is nice.
I got the yuzu, maccha, condensed milk, 
raspberry, royal milk tea, and giandjula.

Even though the cake me and my boyfriend ordered was worthless, I'd still recommend any chocolate lover to pay a visit to the 100% chocolate cafe. The chocolate iced drinks are really really good.. and just for them, I would considering going back. The "choco-roll" was nice as well. Unfortunately the chocolate waffles were sold out when we arrived. I really would have loved to try it out. Last but not least, I love that they sell different varieties of chocolate to bring home. Meiji's chocolates are very delicious.

I hope that you guys, just like me, have enjoyed this weekend much :)

xoxo Amanda

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