24 July 2013

Sanrio Puroland

Went to Sanrio Puroland last sunday. Was actually a bit excited. But I've got to be completely honest.. as much as I love Hello Kitty, and Sugarbunnies, it was a big disappointment going to there. Unless you have got the mentality of an 5 year old, I don't see any reason to go there. DON'T waste your money. And if you still do, I'm sorry to say "I told you so". I'd recommend Disneyland anytime over Puroland really. 

Then, what was so disappointing about Sanrio Puroland?
Well.. at first it seems quite nice, and the whole place is literally bright, and sweet as sugar. But after a short time, you will get bored. They don't have any interesting attractions. And what's left except for the attractions? Shops. The shops are actually quite nice. But honestly, who is going to there with the shops on their minds? It's supposed to be an amusement park, not a "shop park", right? 

Me and my BF rode one attraction. Some sort of boat thing. I got so dissy, as well as him. You get to see a lot of cute characters during the ride, and high pitched, over-cute voices are talking (or screaming?) loudly. Ughhh.. I'm too old for this.. -.-" 

Sanrios Puroland is simply not for adults, or even teenagers? This is an amusement park that will bring joy to the smallest. It's a very "happy, and safe" place for the kids I believe. 

Another BIG disappointment for me was that the shops didn't have a single item of Sugarbunnies. Even thought they have the characters everywhere. But in the shops, not at all. I was really looking forward to purchase some plushy or other cute item of Sugarbunnies. Looked everywhere,
but it was nowhere to be found. Oh well, guess it can't be helped. I did however purchase some other stuff. 

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from sunday's adventure.
(I didn't take any pics of the characters almost.. sorry for that. But at least you get to see some of Puroland).

Outside of Sanrio Puroland.

A Hello Kitty car :)

Me and BF bought some donuts,
 and a sub after we were done with puroland.
Went to a  nearby park to eat.

Bought Hello Kitty almond cookies..

...And manju!

This bag is so cute!! It came with some strawberry cakes that I bought.

Well.. If you'd still feel tempted to go to Sanrio Puroland. You should. Perhaps it's just me who isn't childish enough anymore. This is just my opinion. 
Puroland gets 2/5 from me.

Now I have to get back to my studies.
Have a good day.

xoxo Amanda

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