19 July 2013

Face Masks

Last weekend I went to Koreatown (Shin-Okubo) with my boyfriend and his mother. I bought some new beauty products.. and also found a very good offer. A 30 pack of face sheets for 1000¥ That's crazy!! In Sweden it would rather be 2-3 face sheets for 1000¥

I think Koreatown has got a lot of interesting, good, and cheap products. And if you are a fan of Kpop, you will surely like Koreatown much. They've got all the idol-stuff you can imagine. And anywhere you go, they play the hottest kpop loudly.

Here are some of the face masks.
For example diamond, rose, grapefruit, mango, bee venom, pearl..
...And so on

Yep.. that's me.
 I seriously hate how I (and everyone else) look in these face sheets. 
Totally creepy. Luckily it feels good using them :)
Oh, and btw, I'm wearing the new lip tint in this picture.
Pretty nice, right? I think the color is similar to raspberry red.
Usually I don't suit in red. But this red has got a bit more of a cold tone.

Recently I've started to remember that it's not that long time until I'll leave Japan again. I really don't want to. And the thought of being apart from my boyfriend AGAIN, just breaks my heart :(
But I know that we are strong enough, and can overcome any obstacle. We've always done, and always will! The most important might be to just keep a positive mind. And think forward.. towards the future.

Later I think I'll upload some other pictures from Koreatown.
We ate dinner at a restaurant.. so maybe there'll be some food pics coming up :)

This upcoming week me and my boyfriend have planned to go and see hanabi in Kita-senju.. (Not sure yet if I'll wear yukata or not.. lol!!) , and also we will go to Sanrio Puroland!! I've heard it's really boring.. but what the heck.. it looks cute.. and I love Hello Kitty and the Sugarbunnies :)

I'm sorry for quite an boring post.. and for my bad updates. I will try to change it.

Love from Amanda 

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